infrequent grumblings of a software engineer and then some… (also some Delphi programming)


I am a software developer in his thirties working for a small company near Bremen in the north of Germany, nominally heading a team of 2.5 developers (myself and my boss included). My primary development environment is Delphi and nowadays I deal mostly with addins for Microsoft Office which are distributed as shareware.

I am also father of a ten year old son (at the time of this writing that is – I’m just mentioning this in the likely case that I’ll forget to update this page in the future).

I also play drums in a metal band that is currently looking for a new bass player (again, at the time of this writing). This also got me the nickname “Animal” (or “Tier” in German) which you might see mentioned or alluded to in some places around here.

In the past I have been active in various Open Source projects, most notably as mailing list moderator and macro writer for the CVSGUI project but I had to cut down on that unfortunately because it was eating too much of my precious and increasingly dwindling spare time.

(last updated 2009-06-07)


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