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Discount coupon for Add-in Express

Posted by tier777 on 2009-06-10

This was originally only intended for the attendees of my talk at the Delphi-Tage, but I now got permission to post it here on the blog, especially as the code had only arrived in my Inbox a mere 30 minutes after I had already left for Hamburg and so I wasn’t able to show it during the talk at all (it will be included in the slides that should be made available for the participants within the week via the page, though):

Using the code ADX-VCLSTD30 you can order Add-in Express 2009 for Office and VCL Standard at a 30% discount. The code is valid until 10 July 2009. Note that you can upgrade from this discounted Standard version to Professional or Premium for the respective price difference between Standard and Professional or Standard and Premium. Also note that even if you make use of the discount you will still have an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.

For the differences between Standard, Pro and Premium please refer to the Feature Matrix.

If 30% on the Standard version is not enough for you, I’d like to direct your eyes in the general direction of their discounts and special offers page. There should be something for anyone there, really.

And so the circle closes… 😉 a similar offering was also how I first heard about Add-in-Express almost exactly two years ago.

In case you’re wondering: Add-in Express is a VCL framework for true RAD-development of all kinds of Office addins (besides advanced Outlook addins you can also create addins for all other Office products as well as SmartTags and Excel RTD Servers) with special focus on seamless integration with the Office GUI. This allows you to really concentrate on the essential functionality of your addin right from the get-go rather than wasting days or weeks on tasks like trying to get a simple commandbar button to work across all Office versions.

P.S. : As I continue producing flash videos about Outlook addin-development I will eventually cover Add-in Express as well. In the meantime, you can take a look at their own Screencasts.

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