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Resources for Developing Outlook-Addins with Delphi

Posted by tier777 on 2009-06-09

[deutsche Fassung dieses Artikels: siehe voriger Eintrag]

Here’s a commented list of links that accumulated during the preparation for my talk on developing Outlook-addins with Delphi at last weekend’s Delphi-Tage event in Hamburg (also containing some information that I did not end up covering for various reasons):

Official API-References and related Information:

Source code, Tutorials and Example-Addins:

  • Extended MAPI-Headers for Delphi:
    (indispensable for any kind of Extended MAPI development, also when combined with Redemption – see below)
  • BabelFish for Outlook:
    (the required target WebService is no longer online but the source code of this addin works very well as a starting point for new addins)
  • Trust Filter for MS Outlook:
    (a non-trivial Outlook-Addin with freely available source code, written in Delphi)
  • – Developer Learning Center for Microsoft Outlook
    (Heaps of examples, articles, tutorials, links, etc. – mostly VB(A/S) or C# rather than Delphi, though)
  • – Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
    (the definitive information portal for all things Outlook and Exchange)

Products presented or used:


(Attention! Time for a quick commercial break. 😉 )

  • Lucatec GmbH:
    (my “hand that feeds”, without whom this talk wouldn’t have happened)
  • Lucatec® Mask:
    (our addin for automating several tasks related to the use of shared mailboxes or Public Folders in a team, Shareware)

(end of commercial break)

    (extensive articles and tutorials all about COM programming with Delphi and C++-Builder by Binh Ly – a real eye-opener for anyone that has been struggling with this topic so far)
  • You can use the following .reg-file to perform registration and unregistration of COM-DLLs directly from the Explorer context menu:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="regsvr32.exe \"%1\""


@="regsvr32.exe /u \"%1\""

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