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CVSNT (“Scorpio” SP1 stable) Inno Installer for Win32 ready for download

Posted by tier777 on 2006-03-10

Here’s the final 2.5.03 release. According to Tony there will be a 2.5.04 release soon but it will likely include no changes to the open source portions of CVSNT. From now on all work is focused on the new 2.6 line with full database backend. (3.706 KB)

Note that this installer is not yet 64bit-enabled (whereas the original MSI installer is) as I did not have time yet to look into the requirements for making it so (not to mention that I am lacking the test environment). I will update this entry (or post a new one) once I have gotten round to that.

See my previous announcement for a short summary of what’s different with regards to the official MSI installer. I also took the opportunity to add a “Server only installation” install type in addition to the “Client only installation” one I added some releases ago which is also not available in the MSI installer. I have included the install source script for InnoSetup 5.1.6 inside the download archive as well this time .

>>> Official Release Notes <<<

If you intend to use this build as a client binary for WinCvs, make sure you read my notes accompanying the original 2.5.03 release as unfortunately a minor incompatibility has crept in at that point. Said entry also describes the workaround.




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