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CVSNT (“Scorpio” Stable Release) Inno Installer ready for download

Posted by tier777 on 2005-11-15

Here it is at last: (3.398 KB)

See my previous announcement for a short summary of what’s different with regards to the official MSI installer. Note that some releases ago I also added a new install type labelled “Client only installation” which is also not available in the MSI installer. Here’s the install source script for InnoSetup 5.1.5 .

>>> Official Release Notes <<<

Note that this new release is somewhat incompatible with WinCvs’ CVSROOT wizard as it no longer advertises hostname and username as valid keywords (though they still are). Therefore with this release you would have to manually prepend username (if necessary) and hostname (required) to the field labelled “Repository Path”:

WinCvs CVSROOT Wizard showing entry for anonymous access to CVSNT server




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