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“Undo Add” macro available.

Posted by tier777 on 2005-11-04

Inspired by another recent thread on the CVSGUI list, I just wrote this little macro:

From the comment header (give a few hours for the ViewCvs-links to become valid – in the meantime use the link above):

WinCvs Macro "Undo Add"
$Revision: $

written by Oliver Giesen, Nov 2005
email:  ogware@...
icq:    18777742
y!:     ogiesen

Feel free to modify or distribute in whichever way you like, 
as long as it doesn't limit my personal rights to modify and
redistribute this code.
Apart from that the code is supplied "as-is", i.e. without warranty of any
kind, either expressed or implied, regarding its quality or security.
Have fun!

You will need at least WinCvs 1.3.5 to execute any Python macros
from within WinCvs! This macro has last been tested against WinCvs 2.0.3 .


- Select one or more added files

- Run the macro from the Macros|Add menu.

Known Issues / "Un-niceties":

- None so far.

Please report any problems you may encounter or suggestions you might
have to ogware@... .

I’d be happy to hear your comments.




One Response to ““Undo Add” macro available.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Undo add: nice one.

    Always thought this was missing – and it’s inspired me to investigate creating my own macros too.

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