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CVSNT (“Scorpio” Release Candidate) Inno Installer ready for download

Posted by tier777 on 2005-10-26

Here it is: (3.335 KB)

See my previous announcements for a short summary of what’s different with regards to the official MSI installer.

This one has a client-side goodie that will be immediately useful to WinCvs users. You could now browse non-CVSNT repositories like the ones on or right from within the Checkout dialog in WinCvs just like you already could with CVSNT repositories.

From the official release notes:

CVSNT 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2132

ready for 2.5.03 release (this is mostly suite changes so the cvsnt
builds don’t really change a whole lot, hence the short release sycle).

* Add MSDE/SQLServer direct connection
* Add buttons in audit config to test connection and run setup script
* Fix rcsfile/audit problem
* cvs ls can now do a limited ls client side simulation if the remote
server doesn’t support it. Only names and directory status, no
recursion… enough to put a frontend on it.




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