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CVSNT (“Scorpio” Release Candidate) Inno Installer ready for download

Posted by tier777 on 2005-10-26

Here it is: (3.335 KB)

See my previous announcements for a short summary of what’s different with regards to the official MSI installer.

This one has a client-side goodie that will be immediately useful to WinCvs users. You could now browse non-CVSNT repositories like the ones on or right from within the Checkout dialog in WinCvs just like you already could with CVSNT repositories.

From the official release notes:

CVSNT 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2132

ready for 2.5.03 release (this is mostly suite changes so the cvsnt
builds don’t really change a whole lot, hence the short release sycle).

* Add MSDE/SQLServer direct connection
* Add buttons in audit config to test connection and run setup script
* Fix rcsfile/audit problem
* cvs ls can now do a limited ls client side simulation if the remote
server doesn’t support it. Only names and directory status, no
recursion… enough to put a frontend on it.




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FTP Upload Selection macro available.

Posted by tier777 on 2005-10-19

Inspired by a recent thread on the CVSGUI list, I just wrote this little macro:

It allows you to upload any selection of files or folders to a specified folder on an FTP server. Here are the relevant bits from the comment header (take special note of the disclaimers regarding binary file handling!):

WinCvs Macro "Ftp Test"
$Revision: $

written by Oliver Giesen, Oct 2005
email:  ogware@...
icq:    18777742
y!:     ogiesen

Feel free to modify or distribute in whichever way you like, 
as long as it doesn't limit my personal rights to modify and
redistribute this code.
Apart from that the code is supplied "as-is", i.e. without warranty of any
kind, either expressed or implied, regarding its quality or security.
Have fun!

You will need at least WinCvs 1.3.5 to execute any Python macros
from within WinCvs! This macro has last been tested against WinCvs 2.0.3 .


- Select one or more files and/or folders

- Run the macro from the Macros menu

- Follow the on-screen instructions

~ The macro will attempt to login to the given host and chdir into the given
destination directory (creating it if necessary). It will then upload the 
selected files and folders. It will recreate the directory structure of
your sandbox, i.e. if you select files from multiple folders with
Flat View turned on, the macro will upload the files to the relative paths
that are displayed in the Path column.

Known Issues / "Un-niceties":

- No auto-detection of binary files to speak of! If files are under
CVS-control and are marked binary, the macro will pick this up but "Unknown"
files are currently always transferred as text.
- I have occasionally noticed corruption of binary files but haven't yet been
able to determine what causes it and how to prevent it.
- No support yet for advanced FTP connection options, like port, proxy,
active mode, etc.
- The password entry is in plain text.
- The password is not remembered (though it would be trivial to add that
functionality). This is actually on purpose for security/privacy reasons
but still a bit annoying in practice.

Please report any problems you may encounter or suggestions you might
have to ogware@... .



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CVSNT (“Servalan SP2”) Inno Installer ready for download

Posted by tier777 on 2005-10-09

Here it is: (3.373  KB)

For anyone that has not been watching the relevant threads on the CVSNT newsgroup, here’s again a short summary of what’s different with regards to the official MSI installer:

  • Lets you choose the location of the Temp dir, create it if necessary
    and make sure it has the appropriate permissions set (i.e. full access
    to authenticated users).
  • Attempts to stop the cvsagent process before trying to overwrite it.
  • Offers to start cvsagent at the end of the installation process.
  • Built with InnoSetup  5.1.5 (installer  source – 18  KB – includes fix for CPL startup directory)

From the official release notes:

CVSNT 2.5.02 (Servalan) Build 2115

Final 2.5.02 SP, containing all fixes since last stable release.

Changes since build 2099:

* Fixes for japanese filenames



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