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Getting started…

Posted by tier777 on 2005-09-06

Yes, it’s another blogger…
Don’t expect too much though. It’s just another attempt to find the ideal medium after most of the previous ones died in silence.

Current plans are to post whatever comes to my mind that I feel should be preserved in an easily retrievable fashion either just for myself or hopefully for others as well – you may want to call it public brainstorming. This will possibly include drafts for WinCvs macros as well as interesting web links, Delphi and C# code snippets, general musings on version control concepts and being a mailing list moderator, cool tools and useful tips and tricks.
I might even get personal and start posting family pictures and stuff about my latest musical favourites or rants about movies I saw or books I read. Who knows? Maybe this is already my last post. We will see.

Stay tuned – but don’t hold your breath.



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